Get your tax refund faster


Hand holding a pen with a balance book with the word "Tax" written on it

Filling out a tax return takes a long time. Getting your refund doesn’t have to.

Speed up your refund process and get your cash faster using direct deposit. It’s easy and it’s safer than receiving a check in the mail!

When you’re filling out your taxes—with an accountant, online, or with pen and paper—select direct deposit as your refund method. You’ll need two pieces of information to complete the process:

  1. Our routing number. The routing number for Consumers Credit Union is 272481839.
  2. Your account number. You can find this on your statements or under your account in Online Banking.

That’s it! Your money will be electronically deposited into your account when the IRS releases your refund. Faster. Easier. More secure. It’ s the best way to get your refund!

If you have questions, stop by an office or call us at 1-800-991-2221. 



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