Hiring soon? 5 tips for picking the right person


As the economy in West Michigan continues to expand, employers will hire more people in 2019. Here’s how to choose the right candidate.

Are you prepared for hiring in a tight labor market? According to the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, we can expect jobs in West Michigan to expand to by 1.2 percent this year. However, with a worker shortage, employers may face challenges in filling open positions. Here are five tips to help you hire the right people.

Do their values align with your culture?

The right education and skills are important but they’re not everything. Hiring a candidate who doesn’t share your organization’s values is a costly mistake. In addition to the financial hit of firing and re-hiring, a bad hire can be a blow to your team’s effectiveness.

Adopt an interview strategy that reveals a candidate’s values. Use open-ended questions like these to determine a potential employee’s cultural fit.

Hire slow but not too slow

There’s an adage in business that you should “hire slow and fire fast.” There’s an element of risk in any new hire, and it’s smart to take your time. However, if your hiring process takes too long, top talent may be lost to a competitor. Or, candidates can become frustrated and reject your company.

Have a timetable for your process and let candidates know when you expect to make a decision.

Get your team’s involvement

There are two ways to involve employees in recruitment. First, build an employee referral program. By tapping into the networks of your team members, recruitment is often faster and cheaper than outside hiring.

Second, involve employees in the hiring process. They’re the ones who will be working with the new hire, so get their opinions. You’ll also give candidates a chance to interact with employees before they’re hired.

Reject with compassion

There will always be more candidates than openings, which means you must reject some. When someone doesn’t make the cut, give them the courtesy of letting them know. Here are six ways to reject a candidate as painlessly as possible.

Turning down a candidate with compassion can go a long way toward building your company’s reputation as a place where people want to work. A candidate is who gets an honest and timely rejection will likely walk away with positive things to say about your company. And, they might just make a referral for the person you do hire!

Check references

Checking references doesn’t cost a lot and can help you glean useful insights on a candidate. For example, you can explore their successes and weaknesses. You also might discover red flags that cause you to re-evaluate their fit for the job. Use this list of 10 questions when checking references.

With a strategy for hiring, getting your team’s involvement, and treating candidates with courtesy, you’ll be well positioned to grow your staff this year.

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