Holiday cleaning without the stress


A close-up of a person with orange rubber gloves with spraying cleaner on a bathroom sink

Reduce the length of your to-do list and increase your holiday enjoyment.

Holiday guests will soon arrive for parties and overnight stays. That doesn’t mean you have be overwhelmed with cleaning. Instead, focus on these five tasks that will make your guests feel welcome and forget the rest.

  1. Create a warm welcome at your entryway. Sweep the front steps. Make sure the exterior light is working. Stow shoes and boots in a closet so guests don’t have to step over them. If you have time: Hang a festive wreath.
  2. Clear clutter from tabletops and counters. Toss items in a basket and put it out of sight; you can sort through it later. Dust as you go along or enlist the kids to help. If you have time: Make room in your entryway closet for guests’ coats so you don’t have to pile them elsewhere.
  3. Vacuum and sweep floors—skip mopping until after the party. If you have time: Add to the holiday ambiance with your favorite scents. Use a candle or an aromatherapy spray.
  4. Give the bathroom a quick cleaning. Wipe down the sink and clean the toilet. Skip cleaning the shower unless you’ll have overnight guests. Keep an extra roll of toilet paper accessible. Put out a clean hand towel, empty the trash and you’re done. If you have time: Assemble a basket with items guests may need like hand cream, dental floss and a comb.
  5. In the kitchen: Wipe down counters, clean the sink and empty the dishwasher. Peek in the fridge and see if there are any spills that need to be cleaned up.If you have time: Clean the coffeemaker by running vinegar through a brew cycle and follow with two cycles with just water.

That’s it! You don’t need to do a deep clean or a major reorganization. And if you don’t get everything on your list done, don’t worry about it. Remember, your guests are there to spend time with you. Turn your attention to what’s most meaningful to you this holiday season! 

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