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If you’re planning to sell your home this spring, here’s what you need to do to attract buyers – and top dollar.

Home buyers are a fickle lot–and why not? They’re going to live in their new purchase. That’s why as a seller you need to eliminate factors that work against you. According to Zillow, keywords that help sell houses for top dollar include “captivating” and “impeccable.” Words that turn off buyers, like “TLC” and “cosmetic,” ding your home’s value.

Using these insights, here are issues to address before you put your home up for sale.

What areas of your home need paint?

Colors that were trendy five years ago can turn off buyers. The same with wallpaper. Paint is one of the easiest–and cheapest–ways to update your home.

Does everything function as it should?

You may not pay any attention to quirks like a jiggly doorknob but prospective buyers certainly will. Make sure everything from the screen door to the garage door opener is in good working order.

Can a buyer picture themselves living here?

Too much stuff and too many personalized items make it difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in a home. Declutter each room and closet. Depersonalize by stowing away family photos, trophies and kids’ art.

Does your home entice a buyer from the street?

Take an objective look at your home from the street. Look for anything that could make your home unattractive to a buyer. Overgrown shrubs? Peeling paint? Missing shingles? Make your home irresistible so it doesn’t become a drive-by.

Correct minor quirks, cosmetic flaws and clutter issues now to attract buyers and get a better selling price when your home listing hits the market.

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