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Tips for getting good deals on big-ticket home appliances.

The surest way to pay too much for an appliance is to rush into a purchase. With some research and planning you can save big on big-ticket items like refrigerators, ranges, washers, dryers, dishwashers and water heaters. Here are tips on getting a great deal on appliances.

Time your appliance purchase, if possible

If you can, time your purchase to take advantage of deals just before new appliance models come out.

Sellers often offer discounts to clear out last year’s stock to make way for the new. New refrigerator models hit stores in March/April as well as June/July. Washers and dryers hit the showroom floors in March and April. If you’re in the market for a dishwasher, there’s less time sensitivity since they are introduced all year long.

Also, three-day weekends are a popular time for appliance sales.

Check for incentives

Manufacturers and retailers often offer incentives like rebates and discounts in order to move inventory, especially if it’s been in their warehouses too long or they’re overstocked. Search their websites for deals.

When you find an incentive, pay attention the details. The purchase will have to be complete within a certain period. If the deal isn’t automatically applied at the time of purchase, make sure you meet the deadlines for submitting the rebate form online or by mail.

Factor in all the costs

The lowest price isn’t always the best price when it comes to buying appliances. Fees for delivery, installation and hauling away an old appliance need to be factored in. Look for the lowest price that includes all the services you need.

Look for price matching

Many retailers offer price matching even after the sale. If the exact same model is advertised within the store’s price-matching period (usually between two and four weeks), they’ll refund the difference between what you paid and the advertised price.

Policies vary by store; check online for the specifics of each retailer’s price-matching programs.

Consider floor models and open box appliances

Appliances on display are often discounted because of minor damage. If saving money is more important than a pristine appliance, ask for a deal on the floor model.

When shopping, you may come across open-box appliances. This means someone bought the item and returned it. Sometimes the return is simply because it didn’t fit in the buyer’s home. If you opt for an open-box item, you’ll get a discount and generally the warranty, return and exchange policies remain the same.

Find Energy Star rebates

Use the Energy Star Rebate Finder to find rebates by ZIP code on Energy Star Certified products offered by local utility companies. For example, through the end of 2020, there’s a $25 mail-in rebate on washing machines and a $75 rebate on gas storage water heaters if you live in the 49546 area.

Plan for appliance replacements

An unplanned appliance replacement can bust your budget for months. It’s a good idea to set aside money each month in a savings account earmarked for appliance replacements. A savings cushion that pays for part or all of the price of a new appliance will surely reduce the financial stress of a big-ticket purchase.

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Consumers home loans

We’d love to help you with a mortgage or home equity line of credit.

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