Light up the night


A group of candles burning in a dark room

When planning your landscape, don’t forget the lightscaping!

You put a lot of consideration into your landscape but what about your lightscape? With a little imagination and effort, you can multiply the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces with strategic lighting. Lighting can define a space, create ambiance, and highlight points of interest. Consider the following ideas to light up the night at your house.

Keep It Simple
There are numerous lighting options that you can put into place without electrical expertise:

  • The simplest of all are candles. A cluster on your outdoor table can serve create a mood similar to campfire where all want to gather around. For safety and convenience, opt for battery-powered, outdoor flameless candles.
  • Three words: beer garden lights. You have an image in your mind already, don’t you? String up these lights to define an area where everyone basks in the glow. Let the suds flow!
  • Solar lights are common for lining walkways and stairs for good reason – they’re easy to install and make it easy to find your way in the dark of the night. Walkway post lamps are easily installed with little to no digging. Stair lighting may require a power tool for mounting and is easy enough for most homeowners.
  • Battery-operated or plug-in LED lighting offers styles and colors for any taste. From lanterns and stakes to ropes and strings, these darlings of lightscaping come in both classic and trendy styles.

Be Bolder
Sometimes you want to make a more permanent, bolder lighting statement. This is when you’ll crossover to hardwired options that may require an electrician for installation. The up-front cost is more but you’ll enjoy your lighting features for years to come.

  • Consider hardwired lighting for places where you want more hours of light than can be supplied by solar power or that make batteries impractical.
  • Low-voltage LEDs are an energy-efficient way to light a path, doorway, or even highlight a shapely plant or point of interest.
  • Hardwired lights provide the most control. They allow for zones of lighting, timers, dimmers, and motion sensors.

Thoughtful Positioning
Whichever lighting you choose, be aware of their position and how the light is cast. Downlights and low voltage lights for accent, ambiance, tasks, are less likely to create glare or blind people nearby.

Light up your night and get more hours of enjoyment from your outdoor spaces. For lighting project or any improvements you want to do, be sure to check out a Consumers Home Equity Line of Credit. With competitive rates and terms, you’ll be enjoying your improvements sooner rather than later.


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