Maximize your card benefits by keeping info updated


Credit Cards

Update your credit and debit card information for automated payments and in your mobile wallet to make sure you get Mastercard® benefits non-stop.

Are you getting all the rewards you deserve from your credit card? What about all the benefits from your debit card?

When you shop with your Consumers Mastercard credit or debit card, you automatically get benefits like price guarantees, extended warranties and travel protection. With each purchase on your credit card, Rewards cardholders tally up valuable points that can be redeemed for the things you want. And, when you shop with your debit card, you can get cash back from participating national brands through Cash Back Rewards.

Keep your card info up-to-date

Whenever you renew a subscription or membership, make sure your Consumers Mastercard account is on file. The more places you use your credit or debit card, the more rewards you’ll gain.

On your smartphone, make your Consumers Mastercard credit or debit card your preferred card for paying on-the-go in your mobile wallet. You can add your card to any of these mobile wallet apps:

Please follow your manufacturer’s instructions.

An added benefit to using your Mastercard debit or credit card in your mobile wallet is that you can make “Tap and Go” payments at participating merchants to speed up the purchase process.

Always secure
Whether you use debit Mastercard to shop online, by phone or in stores, every purchase is backed by Zero Liability protection. That means you won’t be held responsible in the event that someone makes unauthorized purchases with your card.

Remember, keep your Consumers Mastercard account information updated anywhere you make automatic payments and in your mobile wallet so you can maximize your benefits.

Ask us about our Mastercard credit cards with rewards and low rates. Call us at 800-991-2221. We’re here to help you with all your banking!

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  1. Jose G Sayago says:

    I would like a debit card for my wife, What do I need?

    • betsy.loeks says:

      Hey Jose, if your wife is on the account, just stop in any of our offices or call 800.991.2221 to get her a card. Thanks, Consumers

  2. Bo says:

    What does my credit score have to be to get a credit card and does being a member make a difference

    • meredith says:

      Hi Bo, anyone with an account, credit card or a loan with us automatically becomes a member! Please reach out to us on Facebook messenger with your phone number and a time you would like us to call you or call us at 800.991.2221 so we can discuss what you need to get a credit card!

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