Most enviable high-tech home products from the year’s biggest electronics show


New products from the 2018 Consumers Electronic Show highlight what’s on the horizon for the home of the future.

The disappearance of big black screens

Every homeowner who’s been frustrated by designing a room around a giant TV screen will love what the future holds: displays that disappear when not in use.

Sony introduced the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector that projects an image that stretches up to 120 inches. Plus, its glass sound speaker generates 360-degree audio. Priced at $30K, it will be a while before it’s accessible for the masses.

LG grabbed attention with a rollable OLED TV display prototype. When in use, it unfurls to a 65-inch display. When you’re not binge-watching Game of Thrones, the display rolls up like a poster and disappears from sight.

Tech takes a bath

Take a long soak, sans gravity! Toto’s floating tub mimics zero gravity so bathers get the sensation of floating in space. The built-in pillow has an integrated faucet to bring water around your neck for even more relaxation.

The robots of our lives

Sony’s robotic dog, Aibo, is back and was named a favorite by several writers covering the show. This Japanese phenom received new artificial intelligence and now recognizes people, learns about its environment and can even dance and fetch. No word on when it might be available outside Japan.

Would you pay $980 not to fold clothes? The FoldiMate relieves you from the drudgery of folding yet another shirt, blouse, pair of pants or towel. You clip each item to the robot’s feeders and it neatly folds and stacks your laundry.

Maybe next will be a robot that does all the housecleaning and yardwork!

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