Mother’s Day gift ideas that don’t cost much but mean a lot


Sunday is Mother’s Day – how will you honor you mom?

Moms hold a special place in our hearts, and Mother’s Day is a perfect time to return some of the love they’ve shown us. Here are seven ideas for honoring your mom. Some don’t require any cash, but they’re all sure to treasured.

A day of faves

Treat your mom to one or more of her favorite activities that you do together. You might share a special meal, watch her favorite movie, give her a spa treatment or maybe just going for a walk.

If your mom prefers gifts to activities, fill a basket with all her favorites, including snacks, lotions, fragrance, coffee, wine, DVDs, essential oils, books, etc. She’ll love that you took care to personalize the items just for her.

Memory lane

Gather all the generations around to watch family films and videos. Pull out the old photo albums. The young ones will see that their parents and grandparents were once youngsters too. You’ll all get a kick out of the clothes and hairstyles that were oh-so-stylish at the time.

Quiet time

Sometimes what a busy mom needs most is a bit of quiet time. Pick a day or part of a day to clear everyone out of the house. Give her peace and quiet to nap, read, take a bath, watch the birds, have an uninterrupted phone call with a friend – whatever she wants to do.

Write a letter

Write a letter of appreciation to your mom. Thank her for all her love and the ways she makes you feel special. Be specific. Handwritten or typed, mom will treasure your words.

Memory box

Buy a pretty box or decorate one from a craft store. Have family members write their favorite mom memories on 3×5 cards. Little tykes can draw pictures. Include special mementos in the box like souvenirs, tchotchkes, small toys, beach glass, special stones and pictures. Mom will enjoy a trip down memory lane every time she looks through the box.

Honoring your mom’s memory

If you’ve lost your mom, use Mother’s Day to honor her memory by doing something nice. Pick up the tab for someone’s meal or coffee. If they ask why, tell them it’s in honor of your mom.

Honorary moms

So many of us have special women in our lives that are as loving and generous as our mothers. Maybe it’s an aunt or close friend who treats you like one of her own. Let your “honorary mom” know how much you appreciate her.

Thank you to all the moms out there. We love you!


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