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Turn a wall—or any flat surface—into a dry erase board for fun or work.

Painted chalkboards have long been popular in kitchens and kids’ rooms, but did you know that you can also create a whiteboard anyplace you want? Specialty dry erase paint can transform a wall, door or any other smooth surface into a place for solving math problems, expressing creativity or tracking work projects. Here’s how to create your own dry erase board.

Prep first

As with any painting project, surface prep is critical to high-quality finish for your whiteboard. Start by filling any holes and sanding down rough spots. Then apply primer. Primer will cover tiny imperfections and block out the original color of the surface.

Tape the borders

To create a clean edge, use painter’s tape to frame the whiteboard area.

Painting steps

Measure the area you want to cover to determine how much paint you need. Don’t skimp on paint quantity; incomplete coverage will make it hard to write on the surface and cleanly erase writing.

There are several brands of whiteboard paint on the market. Well-known brands like Rust-Oleum and Benjamin Moore sell kits that come in two parts: a base and an activator that get mixed together. After they’re mixed, you have limited time to paint before it begins to harden. Check the package directions before you start.

If you want a whiteboard that’s not white, Benjamin Moore’s Notable dry erase paint comes in clear; it can be applied over almost any surface, including drywall, glass, metal and laminate.

Let it dry and cure

Whiteboard paint will dry to the touch within an hour. Remove painters tape as soon as the paint dries.

Then comes the hard part—waiting for the paint to cure before you start writing on it. Depending on the product used, curing takes three to seven days. Check the directions and follow them; writing on the surface too soon could result in permanent ghosted images.

Get creative with at-home whiteboards

Whiteboards aren’t just for walls! It works just as well in other places around your home, like tabletops, cupboards and doors. Just about any flat surface can be transformed into a dry erase board. Look around and see where one would be useful or fun in your home.

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Consumers home loans

We’d love to help you with a mortgage or home equity line of credit.

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