Paint like a pro


What else changes a room like a fresh coat of paint? Whether you prefer vibrant hues or soothing neutrals, here are tips to help you paint like a pro.

Trial to avoid errors

Painting is not a job you want to redo because you’re not happy with the color selection. A smart way to get it right the first time is to paint a poster board with a tester can of paint. Over the course of a few days, hang the poster in several locations in the room to be painted. You’ll see how the color appears in dim as well as bright light and how it makes you feel.

Take time to prime

Have you ever been frustrated by wood knots or stains bleeding through a few weeks after a fresh coat of paint? That’s because the primer step was skipped. A stain-blocking primer prevents nasty surprises like this from marring your hard work.

Also, tinting your primer could mean fewer finish coats. Take the time to prime!

Make painter’s tape your friend

Unless you have a super steady hand, painter’s tape is the way to go for crisp edges along trim or anywhere you have two adjacent colors. To ensure the tape stays put, clean the area and let it dry first. Once the tape is in place, go over it with a putty knife for a good seal that stops paint from bleeding under the tape.

Smooth roller

Visible brush marks–ugh! To get rid of them, go over the brushed area with a foam roller and voila! A smooth finish!

Do you have painting tips, shortcuts or secrets other members could use? Share them in the comments below!

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