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Take advantage of attractions nearby and right at home.       

Even though millions of weeklong and weekend getaway plans have been canceled this summer, you can still get the break you want. It’s time for a staycation! (And, it doesn’t have to cost much.)

While vacationing at home may not have the cachet of visiting a lakeshore resort or relaxing at a cabin up north, it will certainly cost less than typical travel plans. After all, there are no expenses for transportation and lodging, and you’ll eat out less. If you’re wondering how to plan a staycation, start with the following ideas.

Be a tourist in your hometown (or someplace nearby)

You don’t have to go far to feel like you’ve made an escape. Take advantage of all the things in your hometown that visitors enjoy so much. If you visit tourist destinations on a weekday, there will likely be fewer people making it easier to social distance.

Here are few destinations to try:

Get outdoors

The long days of summer in Michigan mean a lot of time to get outdoors. Fortunately, many activities allow us to maintain a safe distance from others.

Hold a tournament

COVID-19 sure put the kibosh on spring and summer sports. Bring back the fun of competitive games with a tournament of your own. Turn up the family fun with disc golf, corn hole, horseshoes, water gun target shooting, tennis or any other games you enjoy.

Have a do-nothing day

Take at least one day to do absolutely nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Have ready-to-eat or no-cook meal options on hand so no one has to cook. Then enjoy a day of following your heart and doing whatever suits your fancy.

Create a spa experience

If an indulgent experience is what you’re after, have an at-home spa day.

Turn on soothing music, add your favorite aromatherapy and give yourselves the pampering you crave. Give each other manis and pedis. Treat your hair with a deep conditioner. Lie back and relax with a face mask.

Splurge a little

If splurging sounds too indulgent in this time of pandemic, keep in mind all the things you’re not spending money on for a staycation. No airfare, no hotel, no filling up at the pump. Your savings account doesn’t need to take a hit with a staycation, and you can still have a ton of fun!

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Save up for summer

Consumers savings accounts earn interest on amounts over $50.

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