Simple ways to keep your home safe


Closeup of a door showing the handle, keyhold and deadbolts

Five low-tech, low cost ways to keep your home more secure.

In a world of high-tech it’s easy to overlook the basics of home security. Here are five low-tech ways to keep your home more secure that cost little or nothing to implement.

Be smart about your spare key

Avoid stashing the key in obvious places like under a welcome mat or flowerpot. Also, mass-produced fake rocks and thermometers with a key cache can be easily recognized.

The key to a good hiding space is choosing one that is not obvious. Locate the key away from the door it unlocks. Consider keeping a spare key with a trusted neighbor; in a lock box; in a sealed bag or unused prescription pill bottle under a real rock; or conceal the key in a decorative element like a bird house.

Keep locks locked

Often thieves are opportunists looking for an easy way in. Over one-third of all home burglars enter through the front door—most often during the day! Thwart them by keeping doors and windows locked. Don’t overlook the door between the house and garage.

Secure patio doors easily by placing a dowel cut to size in the track to prevent the door from being slid open.

Also, keep car doors locked, especially if you have a garage door opener in the vehicle.

Let there be light

Pay attention to lighting inside and out. Put inside lamps on timers. Change the schedule from time to time to avoid an obvious pattern. Outside, motion-detector lights are a good way to alert you of activity outside and scare away would-be thieves.

Remove hiding places

Trim overgrown shrubs and hedges and bushes that provide cover for criminals. Keep bushes at a height of three feet or less to provide visibility from the street and neighboring homes.

Watch out for each other

Get to know your neighbors and agree to watch out for each other. Not only can you prevent crime, you’ll create camaraderie and a sense of community.

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