Soothing waters in your backyard


Outdoor water features create a feeling of relaxation – no matter how small or large.

Water has a profound effect on us. It’s cooling. Refreshing. The sound alone can melt away tension. Not only that, it can mask sounds you find bothersome. Why add a water element to your yard to create a relaxing sanctuary?

No Yard? No Problem
Even if you live in an apartment or condo, you can incorporate a water element into your outdoor living space. A small tabletop, wall, or stand-alone fountain won’t take up much space and provides you with the sight and sound of moving water. Some even have softly glowing lights that create a tranquil space.

It’s in the Kit
If you have a patio, rooftop garden, or yard, the quickest way to add a water element is with a kit for a water garden planter or pond.

Water garden planters are attractive vessels you fill with water and plants; they may or may not have pump to circulate water.

Pond kits usually come with a pre-formed liner and a pump to circulate water through a fountain or waterfall. These require a bit more effort because you may have to dig if you install a sunken pond and you will have to camouflage the edges with stones or pavers. Neither is difficult. When done, add water, plants, and even fish ­– then enjoy!

Skip the Pond
What if you want the movement and sound of water but don’t want a pond? Disappearing streams or pondless waterfalls are the answer. Water from a waterfall or spilling out of a vessel can disappear into a rock bed and be recirculated.

Get Creative
If you want something bigger than what’s available in a box or a custom water element, design your own pond. When you build a custom pond, you can take advantage of your yard’s particular features. You can even create a small stream fed by the pump that recirculates the water from the pond.

You’ll need to plan measure and plan carefully to know what size pond liner and pump to buy. If you don’t want to tackle this on your own, hire a landscape designer to help you out.

If you decide a larger water element is for you, be sure to check out a Consumers Home Equity Line of Credit. With competitive rates and terms, you’ll be enjoying the relaxation of your water element sooner rather than later. (The funds can be used any way you like.)

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    My parents had a great pond and water fountain in their yard. I would love to sit out next to it and read for hours. I live in a condo now, but I do have a two large decks. I have a good size one just outside of my room. I bet I could get a stand alone water fountain that would not take up to much space.

    That sounds like a great idea Kody!

    I’d like to add a water feature of some sort in my backyard so I can create a more soothing environment. I like your idea of using a pond kit to create a small fountain or waterfall that can circulate water. In the summer this would be fun to have so I could take a quick dip and cool off. Thanks for these awesome ideas!

    You are very welcome! We are glad you enjoyed them.

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