The home maintenance no one tells you about


Your new car came with an owner’s manual. So did your cell phone and your coffee maker. Most of your purchases do—except what’s likely your biggest: your home. And while most issues, like clogged sinks and dead appliances, will make themselves known eventually, do you know what preventative maintenance is necessary to avoid larger problems?

Apartment Therapy recently shared a list of often-overlooked tasks that will keep your home in tip-top shape. Here they are broken down by how often you should schedule them in your calendar.


Clean the dishwasher drain bin – The food bits that accumulate in the bottom of your dishwasher don’t get washed away on their own. Regularly clean out any buildup in the drain to prevent backups.

Every Other Month

Change air filters – Not only do fresh filters improve the air quality in your home, they make you’re A/C work more efficiently, saving you on your energy bills.

Every Six Months

Seal your tile grout – This prevents mold growth in humid bathrooms. It’s easier to keep the mold out than it is to eliminate it once it sets in.

Check your outdoor A/C unit – Clear it of any debris, dirt, or brush to lengthen the life of the unit and avoid the costs of repairs or replacement.


Aerate your lawn and sharpen mower blades – Aeration makes for a healthier lawn by reducing the amount of water it needs, as well as increasing the absorption of fertilizers and nutrients. Sharp mower blades make cleaner cuts, which lessens the effects of sun damage and parasites.

Clean A/C drainage pipes – There are actually two pipes you’ll need to clean. Use a shop-vac to remove buildup from the outdoor pipe. You can flush the indoor pipe with hot water.

Flush the hot water heater – Minerals in your water create buildup in the hot water heater. Drain and flush out the deposits on an annual basis.

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