What to know before you hire a handyman


A good handyman not only knows how to fix that door that won’t shut, he (or she!) can also bring you peace of mind. Here are some tips for finding and hiring a handyman for the repairs needed around your house.

Ask around

This may not be the best time to Google and pick the top results. The best handymen don’t always advertise because they get so many word-of-mouth referrals. Ask your neighbors and colleagues who they trust to make repairs around their homes. Also, ask the folks at your local hardware or home improvement store for recommendations.

Interview your handyman

Before you hire anyone to do work at your home, find out about their background and experience. Do they have the skills needed for your project? Can they provide references? Be sure to follow up by contacting their references.

Request bids

The bigger the project, the more important it is to get bids from multiple handymen. Beware of handymen who overpromise, as well as those who drastically underbid. Those who charge too little may not have the skills you need or may be cutting corners.

Be respectful when asking for more

Once your handyman is at your house to stop the leaky faucet you may remember that the garage door is sticking and ask to have that remedied. Keep in mind that your handyman may have commitments to other customers today; he may have to make a return trip to do the additional work. And, if he does the extra work that day, don’t be upset if when your bill is higher than estimate for the original repair you called. Your handyman must bill for his time, effort and know-how.

There are a lot of great handymen out there. We hope you find the perfect one!

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    I do like that your article emphasizes the importance of interviewing the handyman first. After all, when you’re hiring the handyman you likely have several projects that you want them to fulfill. Because of this you need to make sure that they have the skill and experience to successfully complete these projects.

    I like the idea of respecting your handyman’s time, if you ask for more to be done you need to expect to pay more. When you go out to dinner and decide to get soup with your meal, you expect to pay extra, no different for a handyman. Paying for services rendered is a universal concept.

    Great article. We recently started a handyman business in Central Illinois and came across this article. Really appreciate you taking the time to educate us on this. Handyman work is not an easy thing to write about but you did a great job keeping it entertaining and not boring.Thanks a ton.

    I totally agree with you that asking around, or “word of mouth” is the best way to find the right person to do the job, especially a handyman. And definitely interviewing the person to make sure the person is qualified for the job, but that it “feels” right. Thank you for you insightful article!

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