Business Member Spotlight: Sigma Machine


Two men and a woman with safety glasses on in an industrial setting

Tucked back in the Midlink Business Park of Comstock Township is a small business whose attention to quality, speed and service has been turning heads and corners in Silicon Valley for several years now.

Sigma Machine is a production facility that specializes primarily in aluminum and stainless steel machining—the heart of which centers around the production of parts for the fastest four-door car in the world, the Tesla Model S.

Consumers Credit Union first partnered with Sigma in 2012, just as its relationship as a Tier 1 supplier of Tesla Motors, Inc. started to take off.

“We were looking for a new financial institution, and someone suggested, ‘Why don’t you try a credit union?’” said Ann V., co-owner of the company with husband Jim, who is the engineering mind behind the manufacturer.

Ann described how friendly and supportive Consumers was, and most importantly, how they believed in Sigma’s people and Tesla, which a lot of banks were a little leery of at the time.

“I knew right from the first moment that I met Eric, our loan officer at Consumers, that I wanted Consumers Credit Union to be our financial institution.”

In due time, Sigma moved from a 14,000-square-foot footprint in Parchment to its current 53,000+-square-foot facility in Midlink. Once in the new facility, the company began to grow rapidly.

“When Tesla motors came to us and said, ‘We need you to ramp up. How quickly can you do it?’ We turned to Consumers,” Ann said. “And Consumers was there with the equipment financing just when we needed it the most. I really appreciated that, and they’ve just continued with us ever since.”

Today Sigma participates in the Consumers @Work program, which provides complimentary seminars and financial counseling for the company’s employees. As the self-titled “corporate mother” of now nearly 100 employees, Ann finds the service invaluable.

“One thing I like about Consumers is that they really care about people and want to help not only us, but every single one of our employees with services that can help change their lives.”


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