5 home gadgets you’ll love


Could you ever have too many gadgets? Here are five that could improve life at your house!

Gadget #1: Outlet that doubles as charger

All our wireless gadgets have to be recharged, which is why TopGreener charging outlets make so much sense. These outlets come in combinations of electrical, USB, and micro-USB outlets. They fit in regular electric outlet spaces and are easy for DIY-ers to install.

Gadget #2: Odor eliminator

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your home is if it smells like funky gym shoes. The StinkBOSS “de-stinks” shoes and athletic gear using ozone and heat to disinfect, deodorize, and dry shoes and athletic gear.

Gadget #3: Portable alarm

Sammy Screamer started out as a Kickstarter project, and now you can buy this movement-sensor alarm to protect your goodies at home—and while you’re on the go. The triangular device fits in the palm of your hand. You hang it on your belongings, a door or even the cookie jar. When the object moves, an alarm sounds and you get an alert on your smartphone.

Gadget #4: See what’s going on inside your fryer

Home chefs can track the progress of fried foods as they crisp up—and take pics to post on social media! The Gourmia Air Fryer with Cook Cam allows you to see each stage of the cooking process via a smartphone app. You can also snap pictures and upload them to Instagram.

Gadget #5: Show your furry ones love, even when absent

If you miss your furry friends while you’re away from home, check out the PetChatz videophone for pets. It provides two-way video chats, treat dispensing, aromatherapy, and the ability to stream DOGTV. The optional PawCall lets your pet call you, too.

What’s your favorite home gadget? Share it in the comments below.

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