Business Member Spotlight: Olson Cleaning and Design


Grime fighter Kim Olson takes on dirt, naturally

Olson Cleaning & Design relies on Consumers to get the most bang for their buck.

Who would you rather have clean your home?

  1. A run-of-the-mill service
  2. An obsessive-compulsive cleaning pro who makes her own natural cleaners with essential oils that protect your health.

If you chose B, you need to know about Consumers Business Member Kim Olson. She’s the founder of Olson Cleaning & Design and works throughout Kalamazoo. As her business name suggests, she does more than clean. For almost nine years, she’s also helped customers stage their homes to sell faster and get them organized.

A clean start

When Kim started cleaning homes, she didn’t want to work with chemicals that required 15 pages of warnings. Instead, she formulated an all-purpose cleaner.

“My secret formula includes grapefruit essential oil, and it’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial,” she said. “It’s safe for my customers and their pets. I like to keep the environment as safe and healthy as I can.”

When it comes to staging and organizing homes, Kim says her approach is realistic.

“I tailor the plan to their personality and lifestyle.”

Before staging a home, she takes into account who lives there and if there are kids and pets.

With organizing she asks, “What annoys you?” and works from there, keeping your personality and preferences in mind.

“I don’t try to change the whole way you operate, but we can get your space so it looks ‘showroom,’” Kim explained.

A growing business

For a long time, Kim didn’t want to hire help. “I said no way unless you can find a clone of me.” Recently she found such a person, her “partner in grime,” Lori Brovont.

With dependable help on staff, Kim is now turning her attention toward marketing her cleaning products. Under the label OCD, she plans to roll out the all-purpose cleaner, wood and stainless steel cleaner, and a fabric refresher in early 2018. You can’t order the products online yet, but they are currently available by request.

Great financial support

To keep her business running smoothly, Kim relies on Consumers to keep her finances on track. In fact, all her personal and business accounts are here.

“My parents were always into supporting local credit unions. I became a member around 2006. Consumers instantly welcomed me. They always help me find the best bang for my buck,” Kim says.

When she visits, her local office calls out, “Happy end of the month!” In return, she gets smiles and a warm welcome. Every single time. “They’re always glad to see me.”

Kim has used just about every product and service we offer: mortgage, home equity line of credit, car loans, investments, business and personal savings, and business and personal checking. Why?

“Consumers makes sure my money is working for me,” she said.

Peace of mind

Kim appreciates how Consumers looks out for her personally, too.

“Once, someone tried to use my identity. Brianna called me within 24 hours.” The problem was resolved and Kim’s identity and funds stayed safe.

“I like the small-town personal service at Consumers along with the big-city assurance that they’ll make sure my money is safe. I like to walk in and see my mortgage guy, Brad. I can talk to anyone there!

“Consumers gives me the pros and cons to everything. It’s an absolute blessing,” Kim said.

We’re so proud to be part of Olson Cleaning & Design’s success!

If you want to bank with a team who care about your business as much as you do, call us at 800-991-2221. We’re here to help you grow!

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Pictured: Kim Olson, founder of Olson Cleaning & Design, shares her new all-purpose line of cleaning products with Consumers Mortgage Loan Officer Brad Wyant

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