Conquer the Clutter!


Wooden shelving unit with books and decorations next to a credenza with a pile of books and a lamp on top

Are you the king (or queen) of your castle – or just the clutter? You might discover space you never knew you had with these ideas we’ve tracked down around the web.

Stairway to storage

In many homes, you can turn wasted space under staircases into precious storage. Consider turning yours into a pantry or closet for jackets and shoes. (You can also turn the space into an indoor dog house like these cute ones we found on Pinterest!)

Maximize vertical space

Web Urbanist features a number of unconventional ways to stash your stuff including the floor-to-ceiling stairCASE storage system. The bottom compartments slide out to become steps so you can reach your goodies on the top shelf. See it here.

Use the wall

The best place for items you use frequently just might be on the wall. We like the stylish ideas from HGTV for storing everything from bathroom toiletries to bicycles found here.

Take a look around your home to see what storage spaces are hiding in plain sight!

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