Business Member Spotlight: T-Shirt Printing Plus


T-Shirt Printing Plus storefront

Consumers fits this business partner to a “T”

When Kathy and Gary Peshl moved their business accounts to Consumers they also lowered credit card costs with Michigan Retailers Association processing.

Business owners Kathy and Gary Peshl work hard to keep T-Shirt Printing Plus productive and profitable. With a storefront, online stores, and 31 employees, they know the importance of making people feel valued. So when the bank they’d used for 26 years started giving Kathy poor customer service she didn’t feel appreciated.

A Friendly Place for Business Accounts

The Peshls found a better way to bank right around the corner. When they visited the Consumers office on 9th Street [in Kalamazoo] they felt welcome and appreciated. “Everyone was so personable!” Kathy said. “The difference compared to our old bank was night and day.”

The friendly team, helpful service and great rates convinced the couple to move all their business loans to Consumers.

Easy Credit Card Processing

T-Shirt Printing Plus also switched their credit card processing to Consumers.

“The rate is good and the setup is easy,” Kathy said. “More and more, we are doing web stores for our clients – schools and universities. For example, a volleyball team will set up a web store where parents and participants can buy custom apparel. Our credit cards sales have skyrocketed and Michigan Retailers Association processing supports our growth.”

A Quick Overview of Credit and Debit Card Processing

Consumers partners with Michigan Retailers Association to provide members with credit and debit card processing at competitive rates, exceptional service and customized solutions. Merchants prefer Michigan Retailers Association credit processing services because they provide:

  • EMV/Apple Pay ready point-of-sale terminals
  • A mobile app that supports purchases from iPhone and Android devices
  • Automatic data breach protection of $100,000
  • Secure web-based payment solutions
  • Multiple pricing options, including flat-rate
  • Local service with no long-term contracts

Like Consumers, Michigan Retailers Association is Michigan-based and their reps know and understand our community. Their team can help members integrate their billing software and websites with payment processing.

Most of the time Michigan Retailers Association is able to help members save money. If they see there’s no benefit for the member to switch, they’ll advise them to stay with their current provider.

Delighted Members

Kathy and Gary are so delighted with Consumers’ service that they have moved all their personal accounts to the credit union and are in the process of switching their home loan over.

“Personalized service is huge for me,” Kathy said. “Consumers treats us with respect. We are so happy we made the switch. Consumers made everything so easy!”

We’re so proud to have T-Shirts Printing Plus as part of the Consumers family! To learn more about Consumers’ Business Services including easy credit card processing through Michigan Retailers Association for your business, stop by any of our offices or call us at 800-991-2221.


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