Crazy about quartz


A kitchen in an open floorplan with a dining area and living room

When remodeling kitchens, more homeowners now choose quartz over granite countertops for its beauty, easy care and contribution to resale value.

Within the last five years quartz countertops have become more popular than granite for kitchen countertops. People love this stylish and durable material for these four good reasons.

Color choice and consistency

Color options range from earthy naturals to eye-popping brights thanks to the engineering that goes into quartz countertops. You also get consistency in color and pattern with quartz.

Easy care

Unlike solid stone surfaces, quartz does not require sealing. Routine cleaning is all it needs. However, you do need to heed the manufacturer’s advice about which cleaning products to use and avoid.

Scratch and chip resistant

Quartz countertops are made with natural quartz, polymers and resins, which create a durable, nonporous surface. This means it’s less likely than granite to chip or crack, it won’t stain, and it won’t harbor bacteria. The trade-off is that quartz is not heat resistant.

Cost and resale value

Depending on the quartz you choose, it may be more or less expensive than granite. Factors like color, composite materials and thickness all affect the cost. When it comes to resale value, quartz is on par with granite.

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