Friday Five Business Briefing – February 1, 2019


Hands pushing a shopping cart through a market aisle

Here’s news to help you run your business better, including 2019 predictions for worldwide supply chains, how to get your product on retailers’ shelves and how to reclaim time for yourself!

  1. Crystal ball for worldwide supply chains — Industry Week’s biannual supply chain survey reveals that manufacturers and retailers now perceive the supply chain as an “opportunity center” rather than a “cost center.” Discover more survey insights and the top 10 predictions for worldwide supply chains in 2019 here.
  2. Want to get your product on the shelves of your dream retailer? Aggie Burnett shares how she and her husband got their fragrance brand in Sephora stores without a big budget and in less than two years. Get her takeaways for emerging brands that are pitching and selling to major retailers.
  3. Build your value bridge — Startups often fail because they don’t understand how to connect their prospects’ “present island” to their “future island” by providing a bridge of value. Learn the steps here.
  1. The podcast for problem solvers — Business owners who’ve gone through crippling business problems and came out on the other side stronger share their stories on Entrepreneur’s Problems Solvers podcast. Recent episodes include Customers Come, Customers Leave. Now What? (episode 75), Scaling One Person Into a Company (episode 73) and The Downside of Having a Huge Corporate Client (episode 72). Listen here.
  2. Reclaim your time — Redesign your days to give you back a few extra hours each week by quitting, limiting, pausing or delegating something. Here are 5 strategies for reclaiming your time.

Thank you to our Friday Five sources: Industry Week, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Fast Company.

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