Friday Five Business Briefing – October 20, 2017


Four black bat cookies and five jack-o'-lantern cookies laid out on wooden slats

Find out what’s in store for Black Friday, get Halloween inspiration for retailers, and take a look at the youngest billionaires on the Forbes list.

  1. Black Friday may mean less green for retailers as holiday shoppers skip door buster deals and Cyber Monday sales. According to USA Today, the top two reasons for opting not to shop after Turkey Day are to avoid crowds and knowing that equally good discounts are available other days.
  2. When it comes to Halloween, Americans are expected to spend more than $9 billion on spooky purchases. Take a look at over two dozen retail window displays that will have passersby howling for delight and coming in to shop for treats.
  3. Want to be a better leader? Simon Sinek advises you to listen and be the last one in the room to speak. Here’s the two-minute clip where he tells you why.
  4. Forbes released its annual list of the 400 richest billionaires in the U.S. this week. Five of the youngest members of the uber-wealthy club included billionaires in their 20s and 30s. Watch this video to see some of the youngest and richest on the list.
  5. You always give your team good advice but where do you turn for business motivation and inspiration for yourself? Get deep-dive insights directly from the minds of today’s most significant business leaders by listening to Forbes’ latest podcast. Give the archives a listen, too.

Thank you to our Friday Five sources: USA Today, Small Business Trends, Inc., Time, and Forbes.

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