Friday Five Business Briefing – February 22, 2019


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Here’s news to help you run your business better, including the bump in Michigan’s minimum wage, what makes your customers squirm and, where to find venture capital in the Midwest.

  1. Michigan minimum wage is about to go up—On March 29, Michigan’s new minimum wage increases to $9.45 an hour and 12 annual increases are slated to follow. We’re one of 20 states to increase the minimum wage in 2019.
  2. Lobbyist for small biz sets up shop—Small business owners have a new avenue for advocating on legislative issues through a for-profit company called MainStreet Legislative Consulting, an offshoot of the Small Business Association of Michigan. Read the full story.
  3. Things that make customers squirm—If you or an employee has ever told a customer, “No problem,” in response to their thanks, you’ve made a blunder. Discover how this and 14 other practices in customer service make people uncomfortable here.
  4. Venture capital fair expands focus—The Midwest Growth Capital Symposium, a venue that connects heartland startup leaders with investors, has expanded its focus to the entire “tech ecosystem” of the Midwest. Learn more about who attends and who invests.
  5. Free Ivy League courses—Keep growing by learning something new through nearly 400 free online courses from the likes of Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and more. You’ll find subjects as diverse as Bitcoin and negotiation to health and humanities on the complete list of courses.

Thank you to our Friday Five sources: US News & World Report, Crain’s Detroit Business, Forbes, Grand Rapids Business Journal and Quartz.

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