Friday Five Business Briefing – July 13, 2018


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Here’s news that you need to run your business better, including why higher interest rates could be good for small businesses and how you can use summertime fun to help your team avoid burnout.

  1. Could rising interest rates be good for small businesses? ­— Higher rates make banks more competitive and that can mean more funding options for small business owners. Read what Forbes says to learn more.
  2. Make these six changes to finish the second half strong — Say NO to customers you know won’t be a good fit and stop giving your expertise away for free. Discover the other four changes here.
  3. Don’t let dedicated workers make your whole team sick — Every company needs passionate employees and that’s why you need a clear policy on when to stay home due to illness. One startup company found this out the hard way when every employee got sick at the same time.
  4. Michigan infrastructure gets long-overdue attention — Governor Snyder signed a bill establishing a water council and a transportation council. Each is charged with making recommendations on infrastructure investment for the next 30 years. Get the whole story here.
  5. Bring summer fun to the office — Help your team avoid burnout this summer by scheduling fun activities like a field day, lottery lunch or time to chill at the grill. Get the how-to on each of these plus eight more ideas for summer fun at work here.

Thank you to our Friday Five sources: Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., Crain’s Detroit Business and Salary.com.

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