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Adding a fire element to your outdoor space provides a place to gather and relax long into the evening from early spring to late autumn.

Some of our best summer memories are sitting around a fire with friends and loved ones. Telling stories. Roasting marshmallows. Watching fireflies. Sometimes, even falling in love. There’s nothing like a gathering around the fire!

Adding a fire element to your outdoor space is relatively easy. You have lots of choices ranging from custom-built to those that come in box. Here are some options that will extend the enjoyment of your yard into spring and fall on cool days and nights.

Fire Pits
Wood burning fire pits can be as simple or sophisticated as you like. They vary in size and configuration – typically 24 to 40 inches in diameter with a perimeter of stacked blocks in a round, square, oval, or rectangular shape. A fire pit rim adds safety. For easy clean out of ashes, insert a fire pit bowl with a grate. The bowls often come with a mesh screen dome to keep flying sparks down, too. The best part? The fire can be enjoyed from all sides and you can see everyone gathered around.

These freestanding clay fireplaces shaped like a light bulb are as charming as they are warming. Heat radiates from all around but you only see the flame through the opening in the front. The chimney, usually about four feet high, directs smoke up and away from your seating area. Consider a chiminea if you have a particularly breezy location because it limits flying sparks and embers.

Fire Pit Tables
On a deck or patio, a fire pit table is the perfect gathering place. Fueled by an LP tank (like those used for gas grills), you get a cleaner burning fire and never have to haul wood or clean up ashes! They’re easy to turn on and off and you can locate fire pit tables closer to buildings and flammable objects than wood burning fires. You’ll find these made of steel or cast iron with a table surround. The burners are concealed by natural or glass rocks creating a magical look as the flames dance on the rocks.

Custom Options
If you want to go all out, build a custom fire feature for your outdoor space. (Add a pizza oven to the design if that’s your dream!) Stone and masonry can be built in almost any configuration. If you opt for a gas fueled fire, you can tap into your home’s supply line and never have to refill an LP tank. Also, you can get steel fire pits personalized with your name or design using a plasma cutter. How cool would that be in your back yard?

Get your glow on any way you’d like. For any yard or home projects you want to do, be sure to check out a Consumers Home Equity Line of Credit. With competitive rates and terms, you’ll be enjoying your improvements sooner rather than later.

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