Hang out in a hammock


Relaxing in a hammock is like taking a mini-vacation – make this the summer you hang one in your back yard.

Make this the summer you give yourself the perfect place to laze away a summer afternoon: a hammock. There’s a style to suit any taste and suspension options that allow you to hang one anywhere!

Styles Vary
The basic form of a hammock consists of a sling hung between trees or posts. Beyond that, you have lots of style, fiber, and color options. Popular hammocks include:

  • Rope: a classic hammock made of thick cotton or synthetic rope with wooden stretcher bars. It’s best for hot weather because the open weave provides plenty of circulation. Usually offered in white.
  • The Mayan: an open weave with thinner cord than the rope hammock that many people find more comfortable. There are no spreader bars and you lie diagonally across the sling to avoid becoming a taco. The brilliant color selection makes it hard to choose just one.
  • Brazilians: generally woven from cotton, these lovelies are embellished with crochet or macramé trim. Brazilians are especially suited for adding a romantic touch to a porch or gazebo.
  • Camping: created for campers, these portable, lightweight sleeping places often come with netting that keeps mosquitos out. Pair a camping hammock with a rain tarp and you have place to hang out that’s both comfy and dry.

Hanging Your Hammock

“Grandma sent the hammock,
The good Lord sent the breeze.
I’m here to do the swinging––
Now, who’s gonna move the trees?”
–Shel Silverstein

No worries if you don’t have two perfectly spaced, strong trees! Stands that allow you to place a hammock anywhere are available at local retailers and online.

If you’re lucky enough to have strong trees spaced just about right, specialty systems designed with hooks and straps allow you to hang a hammock without harming trees. (Google “hammock suspension”.)

Few things compare with a summer afternoon spent relaxing in a hammock. Before the season passes by, treat yourself to this backyard delight that you’ll enjoy for years to come. For any yard or home projects you want to do, be sure to check out a Consumers Home Equity Line of Credit. With competitive rates and terms, you’ll be enjoying your improvements sooner rather than later.

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