New Interactive Tellers make automated banking personal


When Consumers Credit Union unveiled four new Interactive Tellers some described using the machines “like banking with FaceTime.” The Interactive Tellers, located at Consumers new office at Corner@Drake in Kalamazoo, combine the best of ATMs with personalized service via two-way video.

When you walk into the office the first thing you will feel is personal attention. We greet you with a smile, learn your needs and assist you with your questions and transactions.

“The Interactive Tellers enable members to see and talk with a teller by video link,” said Scott Sylvester, chief operations officer. “At the touch of a screen an employee at our Member Service Center responds. The teller sees the member and the member sees the teller in real time. This technology with a truly personal touch allows us to extend hours, making banking more convenient for our members. Drive-thru hours at our Drake office are extended until 7:00 pm Monday through Friday and until 1:00 pm on Saturdays.”

Members who use Interactive Tellers in the lobby or drive-thru lanes receive two-way concierge video assistance for basic transactions such as deposits and withdrawals as well as transactions that are too complex for an ATM, including:

  • Cash advances
  • US currency exchange (US bills to other denominations)
  • Loan Payments
  • Transaction Research

Plus, members can get immediate answers to account related questions.

Interactive Tellers make it possible for Consumers to expand service hours and deliver on our promise to make it easy for members to bank how they want, when they want.

The new, full-service retail office at Corner@Drake with 6,082 square feet is a regional hub serving West Michigan, providing expertise in mortgage lending, investment services, business loans and small business services. Partners for project include, AVB Commercial Construction and Bosch Architecture.

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    The Interactive tellers are A Excellent addition to the Credit Union. These are Very User Friendly and can take care of all of your needs. The staff behind the Interactive teller, as well as the Staff assisting in the lobby has done a Fantastic job in educating the consumer in the operation of the teller. Do not be afraid to use these there will be a friendly face on the Monitor to help you out and the operation is simple.

    Thanks, we appreciate really appreciate the feedback and are glad you’ve had a great experience!

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