Turn up the coziness


A two cups of tea, roasting sticks with marshmallows, and ingredients for s'mores in front of a fire

Combine long nights and short days with cold temps and you’ve got a recipe for the winter blues. Here are five simple ways fill your home with cozy warmth that don’t involve turning up the thermostat.

Love it or hate it, winter is always long in Michigan. The shortage of light and abundance of cold calls for us to turn up the coziness factor in our homes. Here are five simple ways to make your place feel warmer. (And they won’t run up your heating bill!)

The joy of slippers

The first thing you do when coming in from the snow and slush is to take off your boots, right? That leaves your feet susceptible to cold and the shock of stepping into a wet puddle. Keep a basket of slippers by the door to slip on as soon as the boots come off. Stock your basket with various sizes for guests, too.

Update your throw

Who can resist cuddling up in a soft throw blanket? In addition to the comfort and warmth of cable knit, faux fur and fleece, throws add a pop of much needed color to our drab winter months. There’s a hue, pattern and fabric for everyone! Options start at less than $20 making a throw update doable on almost every budget.

Candles burning bright

The flickering light of candles brightens long winters evenings. The safest way is to use battery operated candles. With moving flames, timers and remote controls, the newest candles are hard to tell from the real thing. Add one or more to your décor for a cozy and romantic glow.

Warm up the bathroom floor

Radiant heat floors are widely coveted but few of us have them. Make stepping into your bathroom on cold, dark mornings more pleasant with a plush rug. Your feet will thank you!


Winter is a great time to reconnect­–with others and your own interests. Set aside time, even if it’s just a half-hour to make phone or video calls with friends and loved ones. Or, use the time for a hobby, craft or reading you don’t have time for in the summer. Either way, you’ll warm your heart.

If you find that winter still tries your patience even after you turn up the coziness, remember these words from author Hal Borland: No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.

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